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Heme has proper knowledge of gluing and binding. We offer customer-specific solutions and develop concepts. We do this for the carpet industry / wallpaper paste, bag glues, cardboard glues etc.
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Ironing Starch

Heme also produces industrial starch for laundries. For more information, please contact us.

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Sleeve wrapping

There is a range of adhesives for tubewinding (box wrapping). The basis is high quality ingredients formulated as powder for longer shelf life and better price / performance ratio.

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Potato starch

Heme has a lot of experience with starch and starch derivatives, especially on the basis of potato starch. Because of our long-standing relationships with producers, we can often help you further. Feel free to contact us.
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The kartofix range consists of a scale of hotplates based on pvoh with which users can glue water-resistant.

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Potato flakes

Potato flakes are an essential base in the food and feed industry. We supply various types. Feel free to contact us.

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The dextrol range are adhesives based on high-quality dexrines. These products can be used for box wrapping and bonding of paper / cardboard for packaging industry.

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Blue dye

Heme has developed an organic dye to color white hydrangea blue. For more information please contact us.

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